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Turkey and in the world to hotels and hospitals  
Amendments, hotel textiles and household slippers ...

In 2002, Mahmud Group under the roof in a small workshop two machines and three employees established by the Chochili , then since the day it left the hotel with its investments in today's 40 -machine , 80- person start-up and in the area of over 1000 hotels and hospitals serving the company has become .

Mahmut Group founder and owner, succeed businessman and entrepreneur Mahmud Küçükdoğan Hotel Slippers and Accessories in the gap in the market anticipate and have made the investments Chochili today leadership move and Turkey in the market arbiter , trend-setting , service , emphasis on quality products on time , offering a professional the company has made .

Chochili since the first day it was founded , the number of companies that provide services and sales have increased each year by multiplying the area has expanded at the same rate . Currently the products produced outside the hotel and airlines hospitals , beauty salons , spa, sauna, pool services offered centers , teacher , flights , such as social institutions to the places where visitors are introduced and sold .

Not only domestic but also overseas sales service , the company itself in the export of developers in the market today to take steps to ensure progress and abroad to fill the gap in the market for the production and marketing investments operate at capacity .

Chochili strengths of the highly successful performance in manufacturing is located . Ever tried one of the firms product quality, timely delivery and reasonable prices on the received good reviews , the firm of any product succeed in a way for marketing quality products - Time Delivery - Affordable Prices triangle successfully completed can be seen that .

Besides all of the products that were purchased new about continuously make improvements and standards needed to get out on the research and development unit is always to keep it running . Hotels in Turkey and world markets to have a say in Slippers and Accessories for Chochili with all the infrastructure and vision of the market have extensive knowledge about the structure of your way to continue. When examined in the market , and is targeted to the world market , hotels and hospitals millions around the world are ready to wait as a customer .

About the future of the market is necessary feasibility studies can be offered , but only with a few questions about the importance of the subject and size of the market have the opportunity to have some idea .